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Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Keep holding on: God will sustain thee

Holding on
We glory in tribulations also knowing that tribulation work patience; and patience experience and experience hope. And hope makes us not ashamed because the love of God is shed aboard in our hearts by the Holy Ghost.  Romans 5:3-5

 Setbacks has inflected everyone, if it has not just keep living. Disappointments can range from work, illness, or financial dilemmas which can cause life altering hardships. 

Misfortunes can breed a spirit of withdrawal as well as excluding God from the problem. In an attempt to maroon God, stress builds up and runs rampant in a person’s life, often times consuming their strength and well-being which ultimately causes health issues. Yes, we all have struggles but through the mist of the storm we have to learn how to hold on to God’s hand and his word.

When you evaluate your life, the mind’s eye depicts failure. You have not reached the personal level of success desired. The life goals are way off the mark, thus making you feel like a failure. Your steps over the years became more arduous and existing seems to be futile. You may think the highway to ‘success’ has ended but one thing prevails, God is not dead. Christ’s unchanging love and intent for His children never changes, he wants us all to succeed! We have to follow the Master’s plan and cast our burdens upon God and he will sustain us Psalms 55:22

The most excellent way to end your battle is to get in line with God; it is never too late! Let pass adversities and doubt stay behind. Stop telling yourself you are too old or God has forsaken you. Part of your re-connection to God’s Life Line, keep holding on to the unseen faith. God is always waiting on His children to return, seek, praise, honor and adore Him! When you stop and absorb these words one has to realize that God is truly in your corner! Just keep holding on have faith daily! Your journey is not easy but Glory to God our Father will never leave us or forsake us through the tribulations. The Lord has brought up your soul from the grave, kept you alive so that you should not go down to the pit. Psalms 30 1-12

Let us pray: Our Father which is in heaven thank you for your mercy and grace and keeping us covered daily. Teach us to hold on to our faith and realize that you are with us through the joy and pain of our lives. We love you and may we glorify you in the name of Jesus. Amen


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