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Sunday, September 14, 2014

Good Morning! - God is Hands on

Walking Into Your Divine Destiny

Read Numbers 13:25-28,33

Nevertheless the people who dwell in the land are strong; the cities are fortified and very large...  Numbers 13:28

God's divine destiny

Every one of us who is a child of God has a divine destiny for their lives-that means that we are not supposed to move through this life aimlessly. God has placed His children on this planet for a purpose, and that purpose is to glorify Him and be a blessing to humanity, and yet every believers destiny is unique .
However, knowing that you have a unique divine destiny and knowing that you have been uniquely equipped to fulfill it, is quite different than “walking into it.” You see, whenever WE make up in our minds that we are going to seriously walk into our divine destiny, and not just think about it or talk about it, the DEVIL is going to raise his ugly head and try to derail our plans; and at that moment FEAR and FRUSTRATION will begin to set in; and DOUBT will begin to preoccupy our minds-doubt in our God and doubt in ourselves; and before you know it, WALKING AWAY FROM, INSTEAD OF WALKING INTO, OUR DIVINE DESTINY becomes a realistic option. But we must always remember that if God brings us to it He will also bring us through it!  

Divine destiny-The Promise Land

The Scripture surrounding our text show the children of Israel about to walk into their divine destiny-the Promise Land. Moses, under God’s instruction, sends out twelve spies-who are the top leaders from the twelve tribes. But what these leaders don’t know is that the DEVIL is about to raise his ugly head and no amount of leadership training and/or experience was going to prepare them for this overwhelming task. They would find a cluster of grapes so large that it would have to be picked up and carried by two men on a pole. The people in the land were like giants to them-they were stronger and taller than they were. And the cities were so huge that they couldn’t go around them, and their walls were so tall and tightly secured that they couldn’t go over them. FEAR and FRUSTRATION began to set in, and DOUBT in their God and their own abilities begin to preoccupy their minds. So ten of the spies gave a discouraging report to Moses and the people, formed a Back To Egypt” committee, and were willing to WALK AWAY FROM, INSTEAD OF WALKING INTO, THEIR DIVINE DESTINY.

Walking into Destiny

However two of the spies, Joshua and Caleb, brought back a positive report and eventually walked-and caused others to walk-into their divine destiny and this is why…

1) They stood on God’s promises instead of sitting on their own premises (v.2)
-They knew that God was giving them the land, but they also realized that they had to go and conquer it.

*We often have to participate in our own in our physical and spiritual breakthrough!

2) They focused upon God’s goodness instead of their opposition’s strength (vv.25-28)  - They knew that the God who had given them the land, which was rich and fertile and flowing with milk and honey, was more powerful than their opponents  

*Instead of telling God how big our problems are we need to tell our problems how big our God is!

3) They decided to move forward toward God’s blessing instead moving backwards toward slavery (Num.14:1-10).  -They realized that a freedom, though scary and difficult at times, is always better than a slavery that is comfortable and convenient.

* You will never get to where you should be until you are willing to leave where you are!

Rev Perry N. Crenshaw is senior Pastor of The Church on the Move Ministries. He has been married with First Lady Pier Crenshaw for 29 years.

The Bible says, "for in Him we live and MOVE and have our being," and that has definitely been the case for The Church On The Move Ministries (TCOMM). Perry N. Crenshaw, Pastor


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