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Sunday, April 27, 2014

No deposit no return

Read Psalm 119: 145-149

…it is good for me to draw near to God.  Psalm 73:28

No Deposit no return

Technology has enabled us to make quick transactions with the swipe of a card. But when you hear, “your card was declined” that sinking feeling in the pit of your stomach erupts.  No deposit – No return.

A young wife made a quick stop at the grocery store to pick up a few items to surprise her husband with dinner. The young wife awaited her grand total - $37.63, she swiped her card only to be shocked – her transaction declined.  She forgot to deposit her husband’s check in the bank.

There could be a reason your life has not spiritually grown. No praising or saying thank you Jesus. A relationship with God is very similar, if we don’t make any deposits then how does one expect a return?  Insufficient relationship equates to No Deposit – No return.

Solomon asks for wisdom

King Solomon is a great example of what we should do. when God specifically told Solomon to ask for whatever he wanted Solomon did just that.  Opposed to asking for riches of the world Solomon asked for a discerning heart…1 king 3:9. Seek God’s will in your life and by doing so he will give the desires of your heart.

What God has available for us there is no charge! There are no application fees or references required.  Unfortunately people place hindrances or limit God. If we take the attitude of Solomon of acknowledging, showing our love for the Lord and following his instructions he will bless us.

God’s line of credit

How can we be assured that deposits are sufficient in God’s bank, by applying for God’s line of credit!  For continued growth here are a few steps that can be taken:

Deposit – time in prayer
Deposit – time in thanksgiving
Deposit – time in devotion
Deposit – time in reading the word
Deposit – time in blessing others

When you budget your time with God, he will bless these deposits and you will get a positive return. You can get what you want if you pay for it. There is a price on everything we receive accept for the Love, grace and mercy of God! No deposit – No return.


Dear Heavenly Father,
I want to be aligned to your will.  Meet me at the altar as I begin to deposit more time in prayer, thanksgiving, studying and building a relationship with you.  In exchange Lord you will provide me with all my needs. This is my prayer in your son Jesus Christ name. Amen

Good morning! - God Is God

Sunday, April 20, 2014

The faith of Sarah

READ: Genesis 17:15-19

And so, after he had patiently endured, 
he obtained the promise Hebrews 6:15

Questioning God

How many of you question God after asking for a blessing? Your prayers teeter between belief and doubt simply because you cannot see it manifesting. So, how deep is your faith? If you teeter then you have the faith of Sarah.

When Abram was seventy-five years old, God made a promise to give him the land of caanan - “To your offspring I will give this land.”  God also changed Abrams name to Abraham – father of many nations.  At the age of ninety-nine years old, God made another promise - Abraham and his wife would have a son in their old age.  Both Abraham and Sarah laughed at God’s prophecy.

The faith of Sarah

Though Abraham laughed he also had a steadfast faith in God’s word. Abraham’s faith should be a model for us. Whenever hearing God’s voice Abraham entrusted Him for every promise, Abraham had great faith. He believed the Lord; he credited it to be righteousness (Genesis 15:6).

In contrast, Sarah’s faith was not very deep; she laughed and doubted God’s promise that she would birth a son at ninety years old! Many of us have Sarah faith.  God has promised you something – job, marriage, or a ministry. 

Through our carnal eyes we speculate as to how the blessing will come forth so we tend to take matters into our own hands.  Every possible job opportunity never materializes, each relationship fizzles out and there is no money to fund your ministry.  “It is impossible for God to do this!”

Doubting believers

We call ourselves believers yet we doubt God’s word. We have read the parables, heard of Jesus preaching, teaching, healing and casting out of demons yet we still doubt if God could perform these same supernatural encounters today.  Thus we have the faith of Sarah. 

At the time God spoke to Abraham (Genesis 12) Sarah doubted and question God’s promise. “It is no way I’m having a child so maybe he meant for Abraham to sleep with my maid servant”, Genesis 16:1-16. It was twenty years before God spoke the promise again about having a son.   

Waiting on God

Like many of us we take matters into our own hands.  Opposed to waiting on the Lord Sarah figured since she was seventy years old and had passed child bearing age, she would allow Abraham to sleep with her maid Hagar, so he could have a child. The son Ishmael was born. Contemplate this for a moment, what if Sarah had the same faith as Abraham and believed God’s promise could she have birthed a child earlier?

So often we forget that God’s ways are not our ways and his thoughts are not our thoughts. The word clearly states for a day in my court is like a thousand. How can we think like God the creator, who pinched the soil and made mountains,  gazed into the heavens placing each star in its place, spit into the dirt formed man in his own image and put man to sleep removing a rib to create woman. Do we still question and doubt God?

Focus on God’s word

What are praying for? What is your dream? What visions has God planted in your spirit? Do you question if it can come to life? Trusting in God’s word can change your situation instantly.  Jobs, finances, relationships, or whatever you are encountering right now trust in God’s word meditate and pray on it and it will come to pass.

Begin this day praying and focusing on God’s word.  Trust and believe in the word. If you so believe claim the victory in Christ today!  We can do all things through Christ that strengthens us, by his stripes we are healed, Lord show me your ways teach me your path and lead me to your truths and fill me with your wisdom.

Find scriptures and use them as affirmations as you wait upon the Lord. They become medicine for the soul while glorifying and honoring God.  God can do all things, so have the faith of Abraham not Sarah and watch God do a mighty thing in your life!


Father, in the name of Jesus, I pray for complete healing and changing of the mind from any doubt fear and frustration.  Your word tells me that I can count on you if only I believe.  Help me to have the faith of Abraham and not of Sarah.  Strengthen my wisdom and understanding of your word.  There is nothing I cannot do as long as you are in it.  On this day Father I turn over to you all my doubts fears, and frustrations I place them on the altar.  I will begin a new resurrection in Christ. This is my prayer amen. 

Good morning! - Resurrection Sunday!

Sunday, April 13, 2014

Being like Andrew – the first disciple


photo: Morgue File
Read: John 1: 34-42

the fruit of the righteous is a tree of life; and he that win souls is wise. Proverbs 11:30

The introduction of Jesus

The most significant action a Christian can do is introducing a friend to Jesus.  The masses typically justify and find reason as to why they should not.  It is politically incorrect to discuss religion at work; we shun from inviting neighbors to church or fear retribution from family members.

In contrast, I think of Andrew the fisher man. His passion, zeal, and lack of fear was very instrumental in building Christ’s ministry.  Andrew was the most interesting disciple. Though he was one of the elite twelve, his presence was limited in the bible, but several miraculous encounters would have never transpired without him.

Andrews Ministry – Presence

Andrew was a follower of John the Baptist and believed in John’s message of the Messiah coming.  And when Andrew was introduced to Jesus he instantly fell in love. The first thing Andrew did was go tell his brother Simon Peter. And he took him to meet Jesus.  Before you can lead someone to God you got to believe in him. Andrew confirmed his belief when he addressed Jesus as “Rabbi” (which means Master.) To believe in God one has to confess him as Lord, study, know, and trust His word.  

When you think about Andrew, without his presence would we know of the great preacher Peter (John 1:41)? Would the feeding of five thousand occurred (John 6:9), or would the Greek Gentiles come to Christ if it was not for Andrew telling Jesus (John 12:20-22)?

Today’s message

Each of us has a calling on our life. We may not be eloquent speakers, preachers, teachers, singers, or leaders. But we still have work to do in building God's kingdom. There is a friend, family member or stranger we can lead to Christ.

The things we see as insurmountable are often the things God can use for the benefit of the kingdom.  Stop placing limitations on what you can or cannot do for Christ. What ever your calling use it in glory and honor of God. Trust and try God at his word. Put the word into action. How much more could the church accomplish if we all were a little more like Andrew.


Sovereign Father in heaven, thank you for your son Jesus Christ.  Thank you for salvation and the opportunity for repentance.  Father, increase my faith so that I can boldly take on a spirit like Andrew. Give me the ability to profess and speak your word to others and not be fearful to lead others to you. I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me!  Amen.

Good morning! - The fear of Shadows

Sunday, April 6, 2014

When Trouble Knocks

Read - Psalm 32: 7-11

Don't be like the horse or mule which have no understanding, which must be harnessed with  bit and bridle. Psalm 32:9

When trouble knocks

The still of night is always awakened when trouble knocks or it kicks in a door. Strangers lurk invisible, like a lion seeking to destroy. They snatch life, and worldly possessions out of your grasp. It’s a hurting feeling when intruders violate your home. 

When trouble knocks people do crazy things that don’t make sense. Emotions supersede logic and all chaos breaks through. Lost job, people in need money, or the house note is due, so it’s okay to rob?

When trouble knocks people become numb, confused, frustrated, helpless, and hopeless.  What do you do or who do you call? Don’t take matters into your hands by leaning upon your own understanding seek a higher power – God?

When trouble knocks cries go up to the Father “please answer the call.” Cover and protect your children through their turmoil.

Facing Challenges

When faced with challenges in life we often contemplate the worse. All too often we strategize on what “we” plan to do oppose to calling on the power and source which passes all understanding – God.

I love David for many reasons.  Despite the fact he was a rascal who committed adultery, a murderer, and liar, who sinned before God, David knew what to do when he encountered calamities in life. He sought God’s heart. Even when David’s E.G.O. – Edged God Out – he always game back and never allowed it to get in the way of his relationship with God.

David in the storm

In the middle of David’s storms he often prayed expressing how he felt: “Have mercy on me O Lord for I am in trouble my eye wastes away with grief… I am a broken vessel… Give ear to my prayer God and don’t hide yourself from my supplication.” David learned to cast ALL his burdens on the Lord and God sustained him every time!

What trouble is knocking at your door – health trouble, finance, trouble, loved ones or friend troubles what do you do?

Cheer up and turn to God’s word and trust in his mercy. Though you may walk through the valley of shadows of death, remember not to fear or worry because God is with you and he will comfort you.  When you seek fresh new help and guidance from God He will show you his ways and lead you in his truth. Then you can be rest assured than when trouble knocks it will not last always because God got your back!


Father God,

You know when trouble knocks at my door. I pray that you will take over the situation.  I release the troubles allowing you to take full control. May the Holy Spirit rest and abide over me bringing your light and peace to dark circumstances. In the name of Jesus hear my cry. Amen.

Good morning! - Spiritual treasures


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