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"A Gift is the ability to do something which is enjoyed and effortlessly done."

The following images are Artistry samples of original artwork and photography.

I thank God for having the ability to utilize creativity and personal visions from my mind’s eye.

Life: Two Swans - 1977

Life - Two Swans

The concept for this acrylic painting came from the album cover The Hardness of the World. The original painting from the R&B group slave featured one swan. My visison I included a male swan.

Cupid's Broken Broken Arrow of Love - 1978
Cupid's Broken Arrow of Love  

The vision for this skecth came to life one boring day I stayed home from school.  I recall the aches and pains of an upset stomach. In between cold sweats came the idea to draw. Maybe the drawing was to ease the pain of a break up than sickness.

Balloons - 1978

  I loved watching balloons red, blue or yellow.  This simple acrylic painting allowed me to capture a piece of my childhood.

It is an honor to be able to share with the world.   



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