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Saturday, November 16, 2013

The poorest sermon has a message – just listen

Read Psalm 85:6-13

I will hear what God the Lord will speak… Psalm 85:8

Poor sermons

When listening to a sermon or choir sing have you ever been agitated? The preacher seemed lost and unable to deliver?  The choir’s tone was terrible and “They didn’t sound like so and so choir!” Though well-meant they lack certain qualifications. Several years ago I learned how to enjoy the poorest of sermons and tone death choirs simply because God’s servants delivered the message.

God speaks to you

I ran across an article which proclaimed “At one point in every sermon God breaks through the words of the preacher and speaks directly to the people.”  It may be a phrase or sentence when God speaks directly to you.  Understanding this logic one cannot afford not to listen to the entire sermon or song.  Or neglect hearing that one illuminated moment when God speaks – bringing conviction, hope, strength or renewed faith.

Ignoring God’s word

So many people ignore that one word of God because they are comparing the preacher or choir with another recently heard.  For every person who God called to preach or sing it was based upon their unique personality, knowledge and aptitude.

Boring preachers

What would the world be like if all preachers and choirs sounded alike? It would be boring! God’s word can be like your favorite dish of food or the sound of good music that stirs the soul. One word, phrase or song can be the conduit to unite with God. It is us who often unplug from God the Father.

The next time you attend your place of worship listen intently for that one portion in the sermon and hymns which God intended for your heart. Hear what God the Lord will speak to you!


Father God,

Open my ears that I may hear a word from you. Speak to my heart and refresh in me a renewed spirit.  Remove all interferences which impede me from hearing a word form you.  This I pray in your son Jesus Christ name. Amen


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