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Thursday, November 24, 2016

Five things you are not thankful for

Many people mark Thanksgiving as the beginning of the Holiday season - Food, Decorations, & Shopping. In the midst of preparing your Thanksgiving meals, football, and Black Friday, take time to reflect, meditate, and read scripture on the many ways God has blessed you!😇🙌🙏👐
Take a moment today and have everyone say one thing they are thankful for. 

2 Corinthians 4:15
2 Corinthians 9:11
Jeremiah 30:19
Psalm 9:1

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Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Don't forget God because of Trump

People of God we have gotten so consumed with the election,  that we have allowed our opinions and ideas of others dictate what the future will look like.

 To my Bible scholars, Pastors, preachers, and ministers start speaking the word, don't fall in the trap by speaking doubt. Speak God's word. 

God has proven that he can take anyone to evoke his will. If he did it then he can do it now! put your focus back on the one in charge not the one in the white house. Humble yourself, seek God and pray. There is nothing God cannot do. - The Souls Remedy #election2016 #GodinControl #pray 

Thursday, April 28, 2016

Wanda Mo'net - Driven By Purpose

Every Friday record labels and independent artist inundate online music stores with new product.  Betwixt and in between all the artful choices of timbre, there are a few digital recordings worth listening. The odds grow even slimmer for those worth purchasing. Wanda Mo'net is that Diamond in the rough project! Her debut album - Driven by Purpose - is the project worth purchasing. I had an opportunity to sit down with Ms. Mo'net in the studios of Soulful Sundays - A Place Called Soulsville and she talked candid about Driven by Purpose (see link below) 

Wanda's powerful voice actually draws you into the music.  Her sultry blend of Gospel mixed with an Urban Contemporary style; brings forth a refreshing sound. As with many projects, you are lulled in by the music alone.  Driven by Purpose captivates you with music as well as Wanda's anointed testimony, on many standout tracks: “BREAKTHROUGH”, “HOLDFAST”, and “AVAILABLE”. Wanda has the crossover appeal that should hit the Contemporary Christian Music audiance with "WE SING HOLY." There is on cover song on this album which is a cover of Al Green’s classic “LET’S STAY TOGETHER.” You clearly understand the artist’s intent to illustrate a love affair with Jesus and no one else.

Though this is Wanda’s freshman solo project, she teamed with Grammy-Nominated and Stellar Award Winner Producer, Kenny Smith, WaKyn Foundation Group, and Airtight Entertainment Inc.

Wanda Mo'net is the artist you need to watch and  Driven by Purpose is the CD worth the download.

Check out Wanda Mo’net exclusive interview on Soulful Sundays - A place called Soulsville. #Radiosoulsville #purpose #music #artistSpotlight WIGO 1570 @wandaMoNet

Sunday, April 24, 2016

Born For This - The Bebe Winans Story

To each of us, a purpose is given. A path of destiny. At birth, the journey begins.
Many spend years seeking their purpose only to be alluded while others see their path yet question if this is it? And there is yet another sect who are born for this. 

The lobby of Atlanta's Woodruff Art Center,  Alliance Theater was the place where I met Bebe Winans. 
It was a day of excitement, not just for me but also for BeBe Winans. I caught up with six-time Grammy award winner, BeBe Winans who is preparing for the premiere of Born for This: The BEBE WINANS STORY at The Alliance Theater.  Despite obvious signs of being tired a burst of excitement took over when we discussed the world premiere  of his musical  that was nine years in the making.  

Click to check out my Interview with BeBe Winans - Born for this

Born For Your Destiny

 God designed a purpose for each of us. When you look back over your life, there have been paths taken and decisions made that did not make sense. For me, I did not realize my purpose, yet it was so obvious. I have come to the conclusion the things that drives, motivates, or inspires a person tend to be the foundation of purpose. Expound upon your traits, skills, and natural talents.  Don't be afraid to step and turn the dream into reality - You were born for it.

“Born for This: The BeBe Winans Story.” Through May 15. $20 and up. Alliance Theatre, 1280 Peachtree St. N.E., Atlanta. 


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