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Friday, April 8, 2011

365 days: Will Make a Difference

“If you are going through storm after storm maybe you have not learned the lesson from your last storm. - Marvin Sapp

Every day can make a difference! Despite the fact it appears your destiny vanished somewhere between Kansas and Oz, there is still time for New Life, to change your appearance, attitude, and approach towards life. No matter what problems you are encountering, tomorrow is predestined to change for the better and one day closer to your purpose.

The Soul’s Remedy came into existence 365 days ago based on storms in my life. My first post was After the Storm I had come to the conclusion that in spite of how much praying and church going an individual may do, there will be unpleasant circumstances in life. After finally conceding and taking the advice from my friend Trenton, I begin chronicling my life. Not as he suggested but the negative as a way of justifying my pain and self-pity. In hind site, I realized the pain, frustration, confusion, as well as barriers were all placed in my path by me, which impeded me from moving forward. To God I give the Glory for he saw something far better; turning a negative into a positive not just for me but for readers’ world wide!

There is a purpose set for each of our lives. Allow God to use you even during your storms. Paul’s cry for relief from his thorn in the side God reminded him, “My grace is sufficient for you, for power is perfected in weakness “2 Cor. 12:9. Understand, when you are weak, then you are strong based on your faith and belief in the power of God’s Grace & Mercy.

God has used me as an instrument to write devotions as a mean of encouragement for others. Likewise, by taking the steps to connect with God, walking in faith and praising his Holy Name, you to can be used in a mighty and miraculous way!

Father God, allow the Holy Spirit to touch and heal your children who are experiencing storms which to appear be out of control. Bring peace, comfort, and reassurance in their life. May they connect and reach their purpose you preordained. Amen


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Wednesday, April 6, 2011

What is your favorite Gospel song and why?

Every person should have a beloved song which moves them to that ‘happy’ place. My favorite Gospel song is HOLINESS by Donnie McClurkin . Holiness is one of my special Gospel songs because it permits me to be with God & the Holy Spirit which typically leads to tears of joy!

This song and its straightforward lyrics convey a message that depicts the average person who is broken, seeking, searching for something and when all else has failed they reach out to connect with God the Father, Son & Holy Spirit. “Holiness is what I long for and what I need”. [You] The singer asks the Holy Spirit to “Take my heart and form it and my mind transform it to your will.” When you sincerely pay attention to the words, the song is describing you! Your participation forces a person to become humble see a mental picture of self and during this short period begin to remove barriers which allows the Holy Spirit to enter the vessel.

During my encounter of attack from Satan, which inflicted pain from every possible source, I reverted to the power of song. We all have been there; having the overwhelming feeling of anxiety so strong it actually made you weak. You try praying and meditating all to no avail. From your belief in God’s love and his power there is no option of giving up or doubting victory. I wanted peace and to be still; there is no option of reverting back to old habits. Therefore, I begin to sing. There is power through song and praise!

In spite of all the trials and tribulations we encounter God loves a happy person. Song can be good medicine for a cheerful heart otherwise a depressed and crushed spirit will dry up the bones. Prov. 17:21-23

There will come a time that every living person will experience some dreadful feeling. What do you do to over come? What is your favorite Gospel song which bring you joy and why? Find a song of praise and sing it with good cheer!


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Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Letting Go for God is Hard

Free falling off a cliff
Trust in the Lord with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding; in all your ways submit to him and he will make your paths straight. Proverbs 3: 5-6

Hanging on to life's cliff

If you where hanging off a cliff screaming for help and heard the voice of Jesus say "let go" would you? Or would you be the Christian who is ever hearing but never understanding; ever seeing but never perceiving and whose heart has become calloused. (Isaiah 6,  Matt. 13)

Jesus encouraged His followers to see with their eyes, hear with their ears, understand with their hearts, turn from their ways, and he would heal them. It is clear what the out come would be when applying this method, however, many Christians choose to follow their own logic and understanding. God sees the end from the very beginning, all we have to do is trust.

Hanging on to burdens

In life, we find ourselves suspended over perplexed situations that cause frustration and disappointment which prompts us to call on the Lord. From praying we anticipate and receive answers but choose to hang on oppose to letting go. One element of Christian growth is to learn when to plant and sow; when to take on new tasks, when to hold, and when to let go.  Another component of growth is to find the true connection with God, increase knowledge, relationship, trust, and faith in Christ which will allow you to make right decisions as well as reap the benefits of joy.

Walking with Christ

This new concept of walking with Christ is not an easy process. There will be set backs, as well as joy and happiness. During the dry seasons don’t complain about life but find short bursts of elation and continuously building upon it will conquer grief. Joy and sadness cannot coexist in the same space at the same time.

Whatever your ‘cliff in life’ may be, just submit yourself, walk and trust in God! Stop trying to figure it out. If it’s a job, home, relationship, children, or finances, let go of the ledge. Will it be easy? NO but you will make it! God got your back. Find your safety net through God. It will make way for a better relationship with Christ!


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