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Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Life: the greatest challenge of the future

Born on April 6, 1980, in Birmingham, Alabama, Diana Strickland had a gift of writing, speaking, and singing.  She wrote her first book in elementary and was often the poet to represent her class.  Her mother acknowledges that Diana was not a crying baby but she yelled.  

Her voice was very strong then and still is strong now.  Her mother moved her family out of the projects to give them a better and healthier life.  Diana Strickland no longer had her teachers to groom and support her so she became very fearful.  Her fears paralyzed her and she didn’t speak or write until she was a full grown woman serving GOD.

In 2004 Diana Strickland was married and moved to New Jersey.  When her marriage failed she cried out to Jesus in her bathtub.  She was tired of a string of mistakes and lies.  Her life was in circles like a roller coaster ride that was not enjoyable.  She threw up her hands and surrendered to Jesus.  She rededicated her life to JESUS and 
became a true Christian.  

God had worked with her and given her another opportunity.  She began to complete her first poetry book and created a ministry website called Believer To Believer.  Things were finally looking really hopeful for her.  She was committed and was taking her life’s choices seriously.  However with all the new love and growth Diana Strickland would have her faith tested with disappointments and heartbreak not far.

In 2007 Diana Strickland was terminated from both of her jobs.  Diana lost almost everything of value in her life except CHRIST JESUS.  She moved around two different homes before settling down in a shelter.  At this point Diana was homeless, living in a shelter, and struggling being poor.  But her faith never wavered although it was tested.  Diana began to write poems to her second book, LIFE, while going through this
 season.  In Diana’s latest book, LIFE, she "provides an honest spiritual analysis of a woman who learns that throughout her greatest challenges, her ever-increasing faith holds the key to a future of unbelievable promise!”

 Today Diana Strickland is a student at Abundant Life Bible Institute to obtain her Associates degree in Theology.  She is employed with two published poetry books and a ministry website.  She also ministers her poetry at different events.  Diana Strickland has her hands full but by the grace of God she will accomplish all that God has planned.

She proudly shares her testimony without looking down.

Diana Strickland

Sunday, August 4, 2013

The Sanctuary - Dark secrets become truths

Change can be Terrifying

Change can be terrifying. When adversity disrupts euphoric lives people lose self-assurance, like author, Paulette Harper. A life once filled with bountiful blessings ended tragically with a “kiss of death” – divorce. From her misery came forth a book. But that was not her vision.

Prior to 2007 Ms. Harper’s life was glorious. Married to prominent Pastor for twenty-three years, her world centered around husband, children, and church. Without warning Paulette’s joy turned to pain and she found herself depressed, alone, and suicidal.

Anguish in life can cause relentless distress or it can force one to lean upon God’s promises.  “Divorce was a major transition in my life that brought about many changes; it began a new journey in my life. God took me somewhere which was unfamiliar.”

Out of pain comes great work

Over time Paulette found herself leaning upon God’s word and from the ruins rose a new birth, and a book. Paulette is a living example of my theory - we all have a story buried deep within that needs to be told.

Out of our darkest hour comes our greatest work. Since Paulette’s divorce she wrote her first memoir – That was Then this is now, followed by several books, manuals, and anthologies. Her latest book, The Sanctuary, has led her into a new genre – a Christian fiction novel.

The book - The Sanctuary 

The Sanctuary centers on the lives of Bishop Cedric Jones and his wife Lacy Jones.  This charismatic Pastor founded one of the fastest growing churches in San Francisco California.  Cedric is known for his preaching behind the pulpit but there is also a dark past – internal demons he struggles to conquer. Cedric attempts to embrace people of all backgrounds with an unconditional message of love and grace. It will ultimately put him to the test. How does he deal with Preaching and his past? 

Challenges confronting Lacey compounded by manipulation from a controlling husband she finds herself seeking restoration and joy again. To gain peace is she willing to forsake what she believe called her to do or will she continue to follow her husband?

Readers will be able to relate with Cedric and Lacey. They display many characteristics present in the church today. Ms. Harper attempts to bring resolution not just for the characters but some readers who may be experiencing similar issues.

When reading this exciting novel, remember lessons can be learned and pains can be healed even from a fiction novel – The Sanctuary.

Author: Paulette Harper
The Sanctuary is available online at

Check out other books by the author - 


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