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About Me

My Home Town

Tigner Rand is a Texan. Growing up in Fort Worth, Texas he began to explore his passion for music, art, and writing. The kinetic connection between each artistic medium allowed him to develop a keen eye for color, the ear for great music, and the mind for creative writing.

My Obstacales

As Tigner grew older he became overwhelmed with life. There was a void, no personal accomplishment. Though he gave his life to Christ at the age of sixteen there was no relationship. During the dry season Tigner rediscovered his first love of creatively writing devotions and testimonials. During this quest the relationship with Christ begin to develop.

For the past twenty years as a freelance writer, Tigner has published devotions in several church publications St. Philip A.M.E., Our Daily Bread and Antioch A.M.E. The Anchor. For over six years he was a contributing writer and photographer for a nationally, weekly published newspaper.  His most recent devotionals will appear in the 2012 fall edition of Penned from the Heart. The Anthology features author’s original devotions, poems, and short stores world-wide.

Who am I

Tigner Rand is a kind person filled with extreme compassion for others. A broken vessel, yet he allows God’s Will to repair daily which enables him to minister to others. He is a lover of all genre of music but finds peace in listening to Traditional Gospel and Jazz. "Music can sooth the soul of any beast." He has spent a life time mastering writing devotions to uplift others. Tigner currently resides in Ellenwood, Georgia where he enjoys spending time with his wife and two children.

The future

Tigner is currently writing a novel and has been commissioned to write a memoir.


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