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First of all, then, I urge that supplications, prayers, intercessions, and thanksgivings be made for all people, 1 Timothy 2:1

The Souls Remedy Ministries  believe in the Power of Prayer
People are experiencing hardship, distress, doubt, and worry. To combat the perils of life we offer comfort through prayer. Your life concerns are important  to us. Please leave prayer request below in comment box OR email your prayer request to 

It's Praying Time


  1. Prayers are needed in every area of my life, an unexpected hardship has hit me really hard. I ask that you lift me upfor strength as God work it all out

  2. Please stand and agree with me that the Holy Spirit lead and guide me to speak at ALL times words of life and not of death. My prayer is to be used as a vessel from God to speak positive words that uplift and inspire others.

  3. I am asking for prayer for Jackie Jackson. She is like a mother to me and she needs her lungs to be healed. If anyone would like to send a positive prayer you can email we are asking for a miracle and I know that collectively prayer chages everything

    1. There is no one greater than the Father, Son, and Holy Ghost.

      There is no sickness, problem, or pain too big for God.

      Most gracious Heavenly Father. I come to you this morning praying for one of your children Sister Jackie Jackson.

      Father you already know her pains and illness but I come to you as your servant asking that you will find favor in her life. Bring healing upon the body mind and soul. Allow your spirit to do a mighty healing.

      Father I ask that you direct the doctors and care takers provide for them all the resources needed to bring about a healing. And lord once man has reached his level of understanding take over and allow a miracle to manifest in her life.

      Father the tongue of the wise and your faithful children brings healing.

      Bless the family. Bless the friends. Allow your sweet spirit to bring a calm peace

      And lord I ask for a special blessing for the person who brought to my attention sister Jackson. Bless and keep them.

      Father there is no one greater than you. I'm asking in your name for a healing this day. May your spirit comfort and cover sister Jackson as she heal now and forever more. Amen.

  4. I am asking for prayer for healing for Edward and Lenora, Jimmie Elder and Sue Jones. I am also asking for prayer for Carol Morris during this difficult time in her life as well as prayer for all the unemployed people that are seeking employment.

    1. Lord we need thee every hour. Without you we will surly fail. Heavenly Father I want to proclaim out loud this day your praise and tell of your wonderful deeds that you have bestowed to all your children. You’re Grace and Mercy has covered us through the good times, trials and tribulations.

      Father today I come to you lifting up the names of a few of your children who are in need of prayer – Edward, Lenora, Jimmie Elder, Sue Jones and Carol Morris. Father you know the problems which plagues each of these individuals. I ask that you keep them in the hollow of your hands reassure to them that you got them covered and remind them that your Grace is sufficient. Father brings peace to their spirit removing all fears, doubts, and discomfort. I pray that their faith grows and that they cast all burdens upon your Son Jesus Christ so that they can be totally free.

      Remind them Lord each time they pick up the burden again. Remind them that it is yours and not theirs. Heal them from mental, spiritual, and any financial disparities. Cover and bless their families.

      Father I also pray for the unemployed. So many of your faithful children are without jobs or have decrease in pay. Lord your word says you will never leave or forsake us. You also say you will supply all our needs. Father during these trying economic times I ask that you provide an extra dose of covering you your children who appear to be facing their Red Sea and nowhere to go. Provide a passage way for them. Help them to understand not to lean upon their own understanding but to put all their trust in your hands.

      Lord I pray for corporations, businesses, and other employers that they will soften their hearts and stop being so greedy. Find it in their hearts to hire people with fare wages for a fare day’s work.
      Heal this land Father of its sense of entitlement. Help them to have a more caring and grateful heart. You have Blessed us all Father in so many ways we cannot count all the ways.

      Lord, I believe in your word and I know that you will Bless and touch each person. I count it all joy that You Father God is in control and will continue making ways out of no way.

      These thing I leave at the alter for you to handle in the name of Jesus. Amen.

  5. Please pray that my farher's surgery will go well and that he will have a quick recovery and will be completly healed.

    1. Father God you are a doctor and healer. There is nothing too big for you. I come praying and interceding for your child Terri Leviston and her family as her father prepares to go into surgery. Lord you already know the outcome before it begins. So Father we come together asking for full recovery. Lord we also ask that you will guide the hands of the doctors giving them a clear mind and steady while in surgery.

      During the recovery please bless the family reassure them that you are still in control. May they walk in faith and trust in every word you have proclaimed. Bless and cover them. Bring continuous peace into their life.

      Lord I also ask that you go up and down the hallways of the hospitals touching and healing your children. I ask for a special covering for those without families – all alone in the hospital worrying about life. Lord for those who don’t know you may they get to know the love, grace and mercy you have for us all.

      Father God, lead and Guide Terri’s family while they run this race. These things I pray in your son Jesus Christ name. Amen

  6. We need to turn our financial life around and needs Gods blessi g as we seek to follow him. Please prqy that our needs are met as we change directions to follow Him.



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