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Thursday, January 31, 2013

From a boy to a man... If only

Father and son bond

If only…

As a boy there were times to express deep thoughts –

that linger in one’s mind.

Or deliberate the contemplations of a man.

If only…

As a boy reminiscing of long walks

that first bike ride without training wheels and

laying catch in the park

or staying up late listening to man talk.

If only…

As a boy there were adults who understood –

brewing emotions of the mind

Is it not okay for a man to show emotion of any kind?

Your succinct roar

Where often words of encouragement –

I now realize.

not to bring me down

But to make one soar

Spring turned to winter

Hopping right over summer

Now all is left are memories

And plenty of what if’s to wonder

If only…

I knew – your last words of wisdom bestowed

would be the end

I remember your teachings –

Keeping them close to heart

love and faithfulness never leave me;

each morning I recite from the very start

If only…

Every man would learn –

To express their deepest thoughts

It is okay to say I love you

and not withhold good to whom it was due

If only…

every man stop making promises

Especially those they know they can’t keep

But start removing EGO and pride

Then the true bond of fatherhood would finally be found

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