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Wednesday, April 6, 2011

What is your favorite Gospel song and why?

Every person should have a beloved song which moves them to that ‘happy’ place. My favorite Gospel song is HOLINESS by Donnie McClurkin . Holiness is one of my special Gospel songs because it permits me to be with God & the Holy Spirit which typically leads to tears of joy!

This song and its straightforward lyrics convey a message that depicts the average person who is broken, seeking, searching for something and when all else has failed they reach out to connect with God the Father, Son & Holy Spirit. “Holiness is what I long for and what I need”. [You] The singer asks the Holy Spirit to “Take my heart and form it and my mind transform it to your will.” When you sincerely pay attention to the words, the song is describing you! Your participation forces a person to become humble see a mental picture of self and during this short period begin to remove barriers which allows the Holy Spirit to enter the vessel.

During my encounter of attack from Satan, which inflicted pain from every possible source, I reverted to the power of song. We all have been there; having the overwhelming feeling of anxiety so strong it actually made you weak. You try praying and meditating all to no avail. From your belief in God’s love and his power there is no option of giving up or doubting victory. I wanted peace and to be still; there is no option of reverting back to old habits. Therefore, I begin to sing. There is power through song and praise!

In spite of all the trials and tribulations we encounter God loves a happy person. Song can be good medicine for a cheerful heart otherwise a depressed and crushed spirit will dry up the bones. Prov. 17:21-23

There will come a time that every living person will experience some dreadful feeling. What do you do to over come? What is your favorite Gospel song which bring you joy and why? Find a song of praise and sing it with good cheer!


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