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Sunday, April 6, 2014

When Trouble Knocks

Read - Psalm 32: 7-11

Don't be like the horse or mule which have no understanding, which must be harnessed with  bit and bridle. Psalm 32:9

When trouble knocks

The still of night is always awakened when trouble knocks or it kicks in a door. Strangers lurk invisible, like a lion seeking to destroy. They snatch life, and worldly possessions out of your grasp. It’s a hurting feeling when intruders violate your home. 

When trouble knocks people do crazy things that don’t make sense. Emotions supersede logic and all chaos breaks through. Lost job, people in need money, or the house note is due, so it’s okay to rob?

When trouble knocks people become numb, confused, frustrated, helpless, and hopeless.  What do you do or who do you call? Don’t take matters into your hands by leaning upon your own understanding seek a higher power – God?

When trouble knocks cries go up to the Father “please answer the call.” Cover and protect your children through their turmoil.

Facing Challenges

When faced with challenges in life we often contemplate the worse. All too often we strategize on what “we” plan to do oppose to calling on the power and source which passes all understanding – God.

I love David for many reasons.  Despite the fact he was a rascal who committed adultery, a murderer, and liar, who sinned before God, David knew what to do when he encountered calamities in life. He sought God’s heart. Even when David’s E.G.O. – Edged God Out – he always game back and never allowed it to get in the way of his relationship with God.

David in the storm

In the middle of David’s storms he often prayed expressing how he felt: “Have mercy on me O Lord for I am in trouble my eye wastes away with grief… I am a broken vessel… Give ear to my prayer God and don’t hide yourself from my supplication.” David learned to cast ALL his burdens on the Lord and God sustained him every time!

What trouble is knocking at your door – health trouble, finance, trouble, loved ones or friend troubles what do you do?

Cheer up and turn to God’s word and trust in his mercy. Though you may walk through the valley of shadows of death, remember not to fear or worry because God is with you and he will comfort you.  When you seek fresh new help and guidance from God He will show you his ways and lead you in his truth. Then you can be rest assured than when trouble knocks it will not last always because God got your back!


Father God,

You know when trouble knocks at my door. I pray that you will take over the situation.  I release the troubles allowing you to take full control. May the Holy Spirit rest and abide over me bringing your light and peace to dark circumstances. In the name of Jesus hear my cry. Amen.

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