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Sunday, January 2, 2011

New Year's Resolutions are a Waste of Time

Within days after the stroke of midnight on January 1, 2011 many of you whipped out the old pen and pad to begin your annual New Years resolutions, financial planning, and goal setting for the next twelve months.    Do not get me wrong making changes and upgrading oneself is a great way to jump-start 2011. During your preparation time please be reminded 2010 is officially history which signifies it is time to cast aside all burdens and leave behind any additional baggage such as: worries, fears, or uncertainties which can impede you from attaining your objectives.

At one time or another we all presume it is our obligation to keep our troubles closely guarded by any means necessary and not let them go no matter what! This is totally opposite of what God want us to do which is release our burdens and cares so that he can bare our pains. By lugging this dead weight it causes many with an iron will to succeed to transform into an unconquerable will to stop marking yet another year of incomplete goals, which opens the flood gates to the enemy of discuss, defeat, as well as questioning God’s lack of concern about you.

One much needed line item while planning, is for us to become positive thinkers, optimist and true believers of God. What this mean is we have to be crazy enough (having deep faith) to grasp and believe that our world can become what we strive to make it provided we include Jesus in all our endeavors: This means work, decision making, goal setting, relationships, no matter what consult ‘The Great Counselor’ on everything. Otherwise one can easily fall into the trap of negative thinkers, pessimist or the ideology of an Atheist. These adversaries belong in the category of being doubters who believe what can go wrong will go wrong.

2011 is a new year, an opportunity for a new beginning. Go ahead and make resolutions but do not forget to start with fervor to rekindle dreams and the fire between you and Christ which allow you to tap into God’s power which can make way for a greater future!

Be encouraged, stay strong and do not give up your faith!


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