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Monday, September 2, 2013

A cup of COLD water… Get it yourself

READ: Matthew 10:34-42

a cup of COLD water… Matthew 10:42

Jesus dividing families

Today’s scripture lesson speaks of several things – Jesus coming with a sword breaking up families, fathers against sons and mothers against daughters.  The Prince of Peace goes on to say (me paraphrasing) – whoever finds their life will lose it but if they lose for the sake of Jesus it will be found.  By welcoming a righteous person as a righteous person, and sacrificing to help others we will receive the rewards of prophets. But if anyone gives one of Jesus disciples a cup of COLD water truly that person will not lose their reward.

Digging for cold water

What’s the big deal about COLD water? To us it does not mean much because of its convenience.  It only takes a few seconds for us to walk to our refrigerator and get a bottle of ice COLD water.  Just envision during Jesus time, COLD water was a luxury more of a sacrifice. To get COLD water a person would have to walk for miles to the river, climb rugged terrain, or dig a well. The COLD water was deep. You would have to lower a bucket into the swift currents and struggle to pull it out.  Then the trek back home… COLD water was not found near the surface only tepid and nauseating warm water cooked by the sun.  So would you sacrifice your time and energy in Jesus name to get me a cup of COLD water?

Looking for convenience in God

Some people’s relationship with God is like COLD water today. They look for convenience by lounging at home streaming services on-line, watching on television, or listening to a pre-recorded sermons. If it is raining, too hot or cold stay at home. Where is the sacrifice?  Nothing wrong with either of these methods the problem is people are relying on someone to make it convenient by spoon feeding them the word.   Sacrifice the time to go get it for yourself and take the word to someone else while you at it.

Lukewarm words

I have heard from many of The Soul’s Remedy followers that they enjoy reading my devotions. Thank you, I appreciate it! My devotions are my way of bringing God's message to others as I see it. Yet in translation, my words lose some of its freshness; they are lukewarm in comparison to God’s cooling water.You may have noticed I now include scriptures to read with each devotional. The reason I preface devotions with God’s word, the Gospel is more important. If reading The Souls Remedy is a method to get people closer with God, I have done my part...

But I ask of you one thing - the next time you read a devotional bring your cup to the spring dip it and take a sip. Sacrifice a few extra minutes to pray, study, ask questions and enjoy God’s COLD revitalizing word before reading The Souls Remedy.
Dear Heavenly Father,

Thank you for your cooling water the fresh word. May your Holy word flow fresh through each reader blessing them in the name of Jesus.  My lives be changed and souls saved today by the reading of your word.  This I pray in Jesus name. Amen.

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  1. Tigner, great analogy. I have read that verse many times and the word COLD never jumped out at me like that. You are exactly right. The cold water is deep in the well.



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