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Sunday, September 16, 2012

Don’t Forget God or his Goodness be thankful for what you got!

God's Commandments & ordinances
Beware that you do not forget the Lord your God by not keeping His commandments, ordinances and His statutes. Deuteronomy 8:11

There was a common thread throughout the Old Testament; people took matters into their own hands. If perceived that God had forsaken them they found other gods to pacify their needs. Regardless of how much man strives to commune with God this thin fiber of hope has shown us man still hates God’s instruction Psalms 50:16-17 thus the constant conflict which is visible today. Doubt, ego, selfish desires are enablers to drive people to forget God and his goodness.

The Mosaic Law was God’s fabric, it consisted of over six-hundred commandments and ordinances to govern the citizens and assist in their daily walk with Him. For forty years the children of Israel were ‘tested’ in the wilderness. The reason was to humble them and see what was in their heart Deut. 8:2, will they trust God or forget God? During the forty year Exodus God reminded the children of His Blessings. Never without food, clothes never wore out and feet never swollen Deut. 8:4. Jesus also reminded His follower’s weak-minded people worry about what to eat, wear or tomorrow, they run after these things. But seek God’s kingdom and righteousness all things will be given Matt. 6:32-33. Don’t forget God’s goodness. Be thankful for what you got.
Your mind is not on God
In the past thirty plus years God’s framework has collapsed.  Society has managed to destroy it from taking prayer out of schools, idolizing celebrities and entertainers as well as worshiping money fame and fortune. Today, as humanity proclaims Jesus as Lord these false gods really reign supreme in their lives. And God is angry. Why, because everyone’s hearts are not with God. Christians profess and recite God’s word but would rather join the antics of thieves than to correct them. Or bask in the glory of the rich and famed entertainers than to follow God. Some would testify against their own brother for material gain. Subconsciously these people justify their actions through the adoption of idol gods. Not just statues or images but possessions, money, jobs, and prestige. People have placed more emphasis on how to increase wealth rather than follow God’s commands and develop a relationship with Him.

He is a jealous God
The LORD your God is in our midst. His commands are rather simple but for some reason people have strayed from them:

• Keep the commands in your heart

• Fear the LORD your God, you and family

• Teach diligently God’s word to your children daily

• Serve God and swear by his name

• Do not go after other gods

• Or the gods of the people who are round you
Through praise, worship and not forgetting God’s command, He has promised to never leave nor forsake us.  Each time God’s children humbled themselves and came back He blessed them. Yet in contrast each time they strayed and disobeyed favor was removed.

You made it on your own?
Small in number are Christians who rebound, rebuild their lives, homes, but the heart becomes proud and forget God (again). Often boasting how they overcame by their power, ego (Edging God Out). Remember

God provides us all the ability to produce wealth not man.
So be careful not to forget God and be thankful what you got. If you ever forget the Lord your God and continue to worship idols and earthly possessions it will come a time that you will be destroyed. 

Tigner Rand

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