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Monday, November 28, 2011

Expecting the Unexpected

Photo: Don Farrell
God sequestered Samuel to select Israel’s next king from the sons of Jesse.  The Lord told Samuel not to look at their appearance or height because he would refuse them. (I Samuel 16:7)  God’s choice was David who was younger, smaller and in stature the weakest.  God’s selection was nothing Jesse or his seven sons expected for the Lord does not see as man does. Based on Old Testament literature, the Jewish people anticipated the coming of a Messiah to Bethlehem (John 7:42).  The unexpected birthplace of Nazareth was nowhere on the radar causing Jewish leaders to fight Jesus’ claim as Son of God.  The Bible also tells of a certain rich ruler (Mark 10:17-22) who had practiced the Ten Commandments since youth, asked Jesus how he could inherit eternal life. Jesus’ ‘UNEXPECTED’ answer to give away all possessions to the poor made this ruler very sorrowful.  In these examples, people had expected one response. God’s unexpected answer blew their mind and altered their outcome.

At one time or another we all have thought like Jesse, Jewish Leaders or the ruler, albeit goals, dreams or desires of the heart our anticipated results did not happen in a logical manner and in some cases has not manifested yet. We expect the prayer answered as requested, yet in most cases God’s reply was completely different, yet better than ever anticipated.  One observation learned in my long journey of growing with Christ, I had to prepare my mind as well as spirit to expect the unexpected.  Looking back over my life, there was a time I had aspirations of publishing a glossy magazine. There was no question if it could not be done nor if I could do all things through Christ, yet on many occasions during this solo quest, my mother asked “are you praying, seeking God’s will and asking Him to guide and direct your steps? After many years of deliberating over these statements, I can honestly say no.  “. In the mist of it all, there was a personal attempt to do it on my own; edging God out of the situation. I have now learned to include God in all endeavors good or bad.

My testimony today, over the years though one prayed, cried, questioned God and even doubted He was paying me any attention I discovered He was.  What was envisioned as pitfalls were actually lessons which has manifested into something greater than I never dreamt.  God has provided a platform via the internet to help others through my ministry of writing. I have humbled myself immensely over the years, allowing me to overcome what was perceived as lost. Years ago I was a failure because of not reaching my desire; I was not ready nor connected with God. However, at this juncture in life; God has placed me where I need to be. 

We all pray asking for the desires of our heart yet on the other hand, we have never asked God to set us up for what He has in store. In your mind, what desires has God ignored? Remember, our expectations limit God.  Man’s restricted thinking locks us in and God out.  Loosen the bondage that entraps your faith. Pray and ask God to remove obstacles, allow God to prepare you, reach you in unexpected ways. I can promise when you connect with God’s spirit he will revile what is in store for you.  It will be bigger and better than ever dreamt. Expect the unexpected.

Tigner J. 

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