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Monday, November 21, 2011

Does God Still Perform Miracles? Luck or Divine Intervention

Photo Justin Allfree

God also testified to it by signs, wonders and various miracles, and by gifts of the Holy Spirit distributed according to his will.  Hebrews 2:4

Luck or God's intervention

Is being in the right place at the right time luck or divine intervention from God? A woman’s near miss with a train, is it a coincidence, that she survived or something short of a miracle?  People who witness unexplainable spectacular incidents often question whether they were acts of God or a fluke? 

I believe, God is working daily all around us at home, work, and hospitals, he is forever performing significant wonders directly in our lives for all to see. With the aide of Cyberspace and cable television, these mediums are capable of broadcasting inexplicable encounters; though heart warming a person either confirms or denies them as miracles.

Real miracles today

Jesus performed countless miracles; people were amazed all while questioned his authenticity as being the Son of God or just a man with magical powers Acts 2:22

This week, while skimming various headlines, I ran across two incidents, which could classify as wonders and signs from heaven above.  Take for example, Jordan Landon, a 9-year-old North Carolina girl who survives two days in car wreckage despite the fact her father died.  A person walking by saw the car off the state highway and called 911.   How about the Minnesota State Trooper who happens to be following a car that careened into freezing water.  The trooper jumped in and was able to save Sophia Eversvik who had a seizure. Were these occasions the presence of the Lord or people being in the right place at the right time?

The Israelites witnessed Moses parting the Red Sea, they still doubted if God would sustain and keep them during their journey.  Likewise, people today are no different from the Israelites, after the luster wears of a miracle, those with little faith in a divine power will go back to their normal way of being doubtful. One of the greatest miracles ever performed was God coming to earth as the Man, Jesus Christ who died for our sins. Yet many chose not to believe and follow.

A hero for Christ

In life, we all will travel great distances yet never know what we are going to come across.  Sure, God can and will perform miracles until the end of time, and there will be countless individuals who will experience them first hand, like Ali Johnson, who thanks God almighty for enabling him to help others, A hero striking twice in two weeks! In lieu of more miracles by God Almighty, society needs to believe in the miracle of salvation of Jesus Christ.  This miracle will be everlasting. Moreover, despite the heartaches or struggles one may face this miracle of salvation can endure all pain.  It starts with acceptance of Jesus Christ as your savior and the growth and development of walking in faith.   

Learn to make yourself available as a vessel, take time to recognize God’s hand in your life you never know when it is your time to be or receive a miracle.  In addition, remember, miracles are not always grand in size, they can come in small packages, like finding a twenty-dollar bill tucked away in a pair of pants.

After accepting Christ as your savior in your life, remember it is a life long journey. Make sure you find a good bible based church and surround yourself with people who will nurture your growth.  For you see, though you are an adult you are now babes in Christ; so will you cannot not eat steak right away

Tigner J.

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