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Friday, February 11, 2011

Your life story: The Greats movie of all times!

Your life is full of excitement, joy, and great memories; it's your world premiere! You have watched it over and over and over again. This narrative is filled with epic moments, standing ovations, sad scenes, along with a few screams of encore! Then it is curtain call. Your life is the making of life's greatest episode.

In the movies a director sees vision and knows the outcome of a sure masterpiece. His cast is often allowed some impromptu adlibbing provided actors stay with in reason. Nevertheless they are given a screenplay to capture the very essence of what is desired on film. There is no argument we love movies; action, drama, comedy, tragedy and even horror. We all have seen academy award winning movies which mesmerize us with spectacular special effects, convincing actors along with unforgettable lines we so often recite. Be that as it may, have you ever stopped and thought that every day of your life is a bona fide theatrical production with God as the director? He has scripted your life from conception until the final curtain. Each episode between birth and fade to black are chock-full of friends, family, associates and strangers as supporting cast members. Some give advice, comedy relief while a small group produce drama.

In life, God is the director and is in control of it all. He has provided a manuscript written for each of us to use as a reference. The Bible is the script for our leading roll, however, many choose not to refer or follow God’s script. A large number prefer to review their lines and attempt to implement what was read, others decide to discard the script, applying their own logic or understanding while a host of others spontaneously go through life not consulting the director which leads to one disappointment after another.

Our lives can be award winning adventures provided we follow God’s word. Learn to focus more on communicating with the director; ask for his advice as you approach every scene in life. Allow God to show you his ways, teach you his paths which will guide you in his truth. Psalms 25: 4-5. Stop trying to be God and allow God to do His duty by giving him your burdens, which are often carried along during life.

There will be peaks, valleys, dark and sunny days. Remember there cannot be flowers with out sunshine and rain so don’t make life a traumatic saga of despair but an epic love story that has the greatest ending of all, when you reach the final destination in heaven.


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  1. wow, it is as if you were reading my mind. Recently, God is been showing me a preview of my past life and I suddenly realised how our lives as you rightly put it a great movie of all times and a possible blockbuster if only we can learn to let the director do His work, what he love most since He is the also the one who wrote the whole script in directing every single sceen without our interference. You have no idea how much you have blessed my heart with this article.

    God bless you,



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