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Wednesday, June 13, 2012

All Dad's are Lame but I Rock!

Dear Old Morehouse Father & Sone
Father's Day Public Service Announcement:
Men, just in case the third Sunday in June slips the minds of your loved ones, or you receive the same tie or a pack of underwear  yet again for Father’s Day I want take this time to recognize you for your dedication of providing the family with unusual antics and bizarre behavior our children so dearly love.  Though your hard work may sometimes go unnoticed I celebrate you on this super fantastic and amazing day!

Now, that the Public Service Announcement is out of the way let me state for the record it is no secret that in the eyes of a child, fathers can be either the world’s greatest or the weirdest dad of them all. Some daddies reach the ranks of super-hero while others fall in the category of being deadbeats. Some children admire their friend’s old-man from afar and dream that their pops should be that guy. Regardless of all the flaws, imperfections, and goofy papá’s everywhere, there is a kindred spirit deep inside men that children seem to cherish and admire despite our strikingly odd or unusual character.

How to shoot a gun

 Common Characteristics of Dads
I could write for days of the myriad of possible answers that can describe a dad; from their character, abilities, (inabilities), strengths, (weaknesses), personalities, skills, and love that is often shown in weird and wonderful ways from a man. 

The Wrath of my Dad's Love
Here is a bit of insight of my father, who was a gentle and often quite man. He was a compassionate gentleman until he felt taken advantage of then the wrath, close to God-like would come down upon any person he felt mistreated him or his family. Wearing a big smile, he was always polite, and spoke the 

Texas Rangers Father's Day

King’s English whenever greeting the ladies.  was a loving man who cared for his family, a hard worker and provider.  I never saw a joking or funny side just the Sargent mentality, which I guess came from twenty-four dedicated years in the Air Force. We had fond times together through my childhood days like teaching me to shoot my first gun at the age of nine, driving a car at ten and going to a special Texas Ranger Father’s Day game at twelve. There where quite times we also shared just sitting on the front porch watching time pass. On occasion, I longed for my father to have an opportunity to attend some of my games; work and providing for family came before pleasure.  However, when the alarm was sounded I do recall an incident when he took off work to address issues with my coach. He was very protective and would sacrifice life and limb for the family.  In spite of my father’s unconditional love, in my mind’s eye I still saw him differently; more as the disciplinarian who often reacted first and asked questions later.  Now that life has run its course of time and I have grown older, there was much learned from my father’s out of the ordinary way of teaching, his wisdom was bestowed upon my well-Being. Though it took many more adult years to understand, it eventually made sense helping me to develop into a pretty decent man and father.  Proverbs Chapter 3:1 clearly speaks from the voice of our Heavenly father as well as earthly father:  My son, do not forget my teaching, but keep my commands in your heart, for they will prolong your life many years and bring you peace and prosperityThese are just a few words of wisdom he preached.

Me and my twins
 One Sunday afternoon, not long ago, I got the shock of my life. It occurred out of the clear blue my children told me that I was LAME.  Sure I tell a few bad jokes, act as a jester around the house wearing underwear on my head while making my  moves like Jagger,  and singing all the wrong words  to Kelly Clarkston’s Stronger…  “What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger hey it’s just me myself and I!  So does this really make me a LAME?   Despite numerous attempts to get a clear and concise reasoning for being called LAME their response was rhetorical; you are just LAME daddy, while holding up their hand forming a ‘L’ to symbolize me being LAME. (Sigh) After shaking my head came a deep and prolonged audible respiration of air.  I guess when it is all said and done the duty of a child is to see their parents as old ancient creatures from another era, in short an old man.

Children look for guidance 
Since the beginning of time children look at their parents as old and antiquated light years from understanding or comprehending what is happing. Today’s generation perceive us as being unable to “chill” get “crunk” or hang out with them in a cool un-parent type of way. Regardless to the opinions of my twelve and nineteen year old children, I am a pretty good old guy.  I spend a lot of time with them listening to their issues about life along with teaching the facts of life.  To be honest I believe I’ve done well.

Good & Bad Fathers
In nature we will always find opposites; left and right, good and bad, up and down, as well as right and wrong. So it stands to reason that society provides us with a select group of men who don’t deserve being a father; some abuse while others are others absent, and many are not fit to be called a man.  Just because you are a male and capable of producing off-spring does not constitute you being a father.  Being a good father is a learned behavior.  Like father like son (child) Fathers and sons (and daughters) resemble each other, and they tend to do what their fathers did before them.  It also stands to reason, just because you are a “successful” man, in the work force that does not constitute being a father money cannot solve all problems.  It takes a special man to be a father like Abba Father in heaven who has love and compassion toward his children.  Likewise, earthly fathers have to mimic these attributes with unconditional love, be a teacher of right and wrong, have the wherewithal to punish when needed but not condemn.  A real father is a person you should be able to approach with a problem, he is unbiased, and he has an open ear to listen, wisdom to guide and enough emotions to care.  No matter how upset, disappointed or angry God the father may be toward his children he still forgave and continued to love. 

Loving Always Motivating Effectively
As a mortal father I exemplify these attributes of God in heaven by knowing when to let go, when to hold on, listen and speak wisely.  So, with all this being said and after reflecting on my new found title as being LAME, I have come to the conclusion that my children were absolutely correct that their dad is really a LAME!  Guess what I am proud of it.  Little do they know being LAME is my alter-ego and I live up to the acronym which stands for Loving Always Motivating Effectively in all I do with my children, Thanks kids for naming me the world’s greatest LAME Dad!

Tigner Rand

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