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Monday, March 14, 2011

Out of the mouth of babes: The cutest things they say

Children can say the cutest things that adults don’t forget. I am of the opinion that God’s little angels speak from the heart. Their words are sincere and genuine no matter how brutally honest they can be.

Jesus loves the little children; they are precious in his sight and from their praise God has established a stronghold around them.

Recently, I experienced a complement from a toddler about three or four years old. This child caught my attention from a far as I approached the store entrance: A happy tot dressed in a bright pink dress and two puffy pony tails skipping and singing while holding her grandmother’s hand. As the three of us approached I reached around to open door for the couple. As usual, I anticipated the typical dry thanks most women utter but to my surprise it was the youngster who blurted out a heartfelt thank you! Though the thank you was cordial it was her follow up remark that really resonated and made my day. This pint sized angel turned around and told me I really like your green shirt too! All customers passing by chimed in like a back up choir with their oohs and aahs; they too heard this little girl.

The disciples asked Jesus who is the greatest in the kingdom of heaven? His response was unless we change and become like little children, we will never enter the kingdom of heaven. And whoever welcomes one such child in Jesus’ name welcomes me. It goes without saying; being child like is a challenge for most adults. We are set in our ways and see simple minded behavior as being childish. We often conceal our honesty; which one of you would dare to say anything remotely close to what this child said to me without being in fear or thinking someone was making a pass at you?

Let us gain knowledge from the children in our lives, learn to be humble, be honest, have a child like behavior and bring a bit a joy in someone’s life like this little girl expressed towards me. Though I may never see this little person again I will always cherish and rewind in my mind’s eye the look on her face when I told her THANK YOU! And I like your pink dress too!!!

Be encouraged

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