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Monday, September 6, 2010

The Presence of the Lord

On occasion believers and all the time non-believers question if God is ever present. Do people see the Spirit of the Lord or a liken image of Him? Just as Jesus visited the men on the road to Emmaus, (Luke 24:13-35) I boldly say yes He still makes Himself visible at the right time and place.

Several years a go my mother suffered a stroke. During her hospitalization she encountered a living hell that no one would want to endure. There was one occasion doctors had to rush her into emergency surgery do to internal bleeding where she had lost four pints of blood. In the course of recovery I was granted visitation in ICU. Nurses stated she is in a great deal of pain and will not response. What begin as moans and groans soon became coherent words. Though she never called my name we talked all while telling me she was in pain. Out of know where she blurted out “I’m not ready to go”. Of course I told her she could not. Her response brought a chill over me that I now know and acknowledge as the Holy Spirit being present. “Tell that man at the door I’m not ready to go!” There was no one in the room although my mother insisted there is a man in a white robe and she, at this moment did not want to go with him.

The presence of the Lord was there He could be felt in the atmosphere. Though I didn’t see him in the physical form with out a doubt He was there in the spirit. There are those who would argue that I was imagining or it was my mother’s drugs which had her hallucinating. As stated my mother had lost blood, during the surgery she encountered another mild stroke and because of that doctors choose not to give any pain or hypertension medication. She was enduring unimaginable pain all while the Holy Spirit was nearby.

After that celestial visit it took years for me to fully understand that God is always present and all along it has been me locking Him out although I was asking Him to come in. Time and again we doubt that God hear our cries, know our pain or is not present when he is most needed. Is it easy to ask God into your life? Yes but the Trinity will not and cannot come in UNLESS we unlock our hearts, change our mindset, increase our faith and invite God into our live. Remember it’s a continuous effort – a work in progress; pray without ceasing, praising His name during the trials and never giving up. Satan is a liar and the truth is not in him for causing confusion in our minds.

David said in Psalm 139: 7 Where could I go from your Spirit? Or where could I flee from Your presence? Blessed assurance, God is always present he will never leave us or forsake us.

Tigner J.

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