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Sunday, September 19, 2010

Praying for all the Wrong Reasons

The Holy Bible states we should pray for the desires of our hearts and for years I did just that. In spite of endless requests my efforts were like a dog chasing its tail; life was a vicious circle.

 Comedian, Steve Harvey  summed it up quite eloquently stating he too prayed for all the wrong reasons “praying and telling God the way he wanted his life to transpire.” It was not until he sought to allow God’s will be done did he begin to receive opportunities he never would have envisioned: Two book deals, nationwide radio syndication and now the host of Family Feud. Contrary to our belief that is how many of us pray, we tell the All Mighty what we want, how we want it, along with how it is to be packaged and delivered. Are mortals really that foolish? We can’t out think or create God and there is nothing new under the sun! So why do we attempt to enclose God into our minuscule scheme of existence?

After numerous years of ‘selfish’ request my prayers revolved from my vision to seeking and asking God to teach me His ways, show me His path and lead me to His truth Psalm 25:4-5. My testimony today is that I FINALLY got in line with God and He has reviled new innovation unto me. The lesson learned was by asking to be in His will and not my own made the difference of a continued journey laced with struggle and confusion to now guided lights under each footstep.

What we believe to be important to us is not important to God so once you pray seeking the will of God you will realize what priority is. From my letting go and letting God, He has bestowed a desire as well as showed me things I’ve never believed would come to pass. The shackles on my mind were unlocked freeing my confidence to receive again a willing spirit to revitalize writing. One of the biggest obstacles I had to hurdle was the years doubting myself along with being tricked by Satan I was wasting my time putting pen to paper on what the Holy Spirit disclosed. Prayer was the key to the new lease on life and desire of my heart!

I Challenge each of you who are praying but not attaining some desires of your heart to continue  praying. Don’t be discouraged, be of good cheer and make sure your request to be inline with God the Father. Ask to be in his Will, seek His guidance to lead you on the right path this will make way for a clearer vision of what and where you should be. One thing for sure is if you earnestly do as I suggested God will speak to your heart and show you the way and will give the desires of your heart. Begin the process of a new you today!

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