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Friday, September 10, 2010

It Could Have Been Worse

I was going through some changes in my life cussin and complainin every night tellin God the way he treatin me ain't right and how I don’t deserve this then a voice somewhere came to me and said you have the audacity  to fix your mouth to disrespect how soon we forget.” 

Sound like something you have said or heard before right? In part, these are lyrics from an artist who has been dubbed a “social minded singer”, Lyfe Jennings.

While listening to this song I was touched from the raw passion of the message. It also gave me a new found respect for the creative pen of this Platinum-selling R&B singer. The song’s title is It Could Have Been Worse, though it’s a secular song there’s a spiritual message for all which illustrate what people are experiencing daily. Folk face pain and frustration which desensitize them to the point of disconnection from the life line Jesus the Christ. Every so often we need a little nudge to bring us back to a humbling state. This song is that jolt.

I want you to please click the link It Could Have Been Worse listen, to the message and feel the emotion. I want to hear back from you please reply with your testimony.

“It coulda been worse, you coulda lost everything shoulda lost everything but somebody’s watching you and gave you another chance yeah!”

Tigner J

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