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Monday, May 23, 2011

Life’s New Chapter: repeat bad habits or get better!

Photo: Tigner J.

In life, every four to five years a chapter comes to an end as blank pages are set before us to scribe new adventures. We attempt to outline our lives, by striving to reach high marks, while each period is transformed for the better or it progressively gets worse.

I am grateful God gave me custodianship of two great children. I have committed to memory their birth; my daughter a Thursday and my son a Sunday as well as memorized fond moments of their adolescent years; walking, talking, and first day of school. This past weekend, respectably, both have reached the four & five year pinnacle in life. Both are crossing over into uncharted territories; a new chapter. My daughter graduated High School. Her forethought is to set out on her own by going away to college. A testing ground to apply all learned life and academic skills without aide from parents. My son graduated fifth grade and matriculates to the sixth grade. He has reached the most impressionable years for youth; middle school. Will my children’s commencing be easy? No! However, with God as their Sheppard and God giving them the power I believe He will continue to lead, guide and direct their path so they will not stray.

We all have an opportunity for new beginnings in life. Reflect over the past four years and see from whence you came; where you stagnant, standing still, continually looked in the past destroying all possibility of making a change for the better? Or, did you see growth and development, a new creature in Christ, aligned in God’s will?

With all changes in life, we have to remember to stay the course and not give up and put your trust in God. Take the desired steps to begin a new positive chapter in life, also activate a positive attitude, open mind, faith in heart as well as a strong will. Make your next four years the best of your life!


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